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Thanks to its high insulation feature, the system provides excellent thermal and sound insulation.

The Vertigo Sliding Series is a system that can be applied in dual, triple, and quadruple combinations for wide openings as windows and doors.


More spaciousness!

The operation of the sashes in the axial direction prevents space loss in the rooms. Thus, it creates extra usable space in narrow areas. Thanks to the special design of the sashes, it also provides a solution to cleaning problems experienced in similar systems.

General Features
Profile Width -
Number of Chambers -
Number of Gaskets -
Gasket -
Slat -
Glass Thicknesses -
Thermal Conductivity -


10 year
profile warranty
5 Year
double opening warranty
5 Year
Seal warranty
3 Year
Free service
Comfortable in Summer
  • Comfortable in Summer
  • Warm in Winter
  • Keeping Out Noise
  • Tightness

Comfortable in Summer

PVC double-glazed windows reflect most of the infrared radiation that increases the heat in the room, while allowing light to pass through smoothly without altering illumination.

Keeping warm in winter

The silver coating on the glass used in Pimapen PVC double-glazed windows reflects the heat radiation from heating devices inside the room, preventing the heat from escaping outside. This provides high thermal insulation during the cold season.

Street noise protection

Pimapen ensures that the different thicknesses of glass used in double-glazed windows absorb street noise, preserving the peace and quiet of the building and its residents, and providing acoustic comfort at home.


Modern seals and connection components ensure that windows are perfectly sealed. Among the advantages of closed windows are the preservation of warmth, maintaining a quiet interior environment, and preventing drafts from entering from outside.

High-quality accessories
Opening/closing cycle

The opening and closing cycle of our windows and doors is 25,000 times. This means perfect operation for decades. The innovative hardware system stands out with its flawless appearance, high functionality, and maximum ease of use.

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