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Doors are among the most prominent elements in a house. That is why equipping your home with a quality and aesthetically pleasing door is the best way to elevate your living space. If you are seeking the best door solutions, İlke’s extensive collection is the right place to look. Check our catalog now to choose the ideal door for your home.

2024 Door Prices Guide! Find the Best Value

Besides their superior functionality and superb quality, our door models also stand out with their advantageous pricing. Of course, that does not mean we can provide a fixed rate for all our doors. As there are various factors that determine the prices of indoor door prices, knowing these details might help you make an educated decision.

Here are the main factors that determine door prices:

  • Size: The size of the door is a significant factor since it is directly related to the amount of material used. The labor that goes into manufacturing a larger door is also greater than a regular one; so, door size is one of the main elements that influence the price of a door.
  • Quality: The quality of the material used in a door is another factor that determines the price. Since manufacturing doors with higher quality material means paying for high-end, and usually expensive, materials, manufacturers sell their quality doors at higher prices. Therefore, you should focus on finding a door made of quality material and sold at a reasonable price.
  • Design: Personalizing your door and enhancing its design might inflate the price due to additional material and labor going into it.

Besides these factors, the brand’s pricing policy is also a significant aspect that determines door prices. At İlke, we always aim to provide our customers with the most affordable home door solutions. You can contact us to learn more about the prices of our doors.

Choosing the Right Door Sizes and Models for Your Space

At İlke, we believe that the homes of our customers always deserve the best! So, we offer a wealth of doors to provide your home with the most ideal door solutions. However, one critical question most homeowners ask is “How can I choose the right door size and model for my space?” Answering this question might require delving into the factors that determine the ideal door size for your home. You can keep reading to learn more about how to decide the ideal large or standard sized door for your home and pick the best option for your space.

Find the Perfect Large or Standard Sized Door for Your Home

If you are trying to determine if you should get a large or small door for your home, you might need to consider a few factors to make an ideal decision. Usually, measuring the openings in your home or business is enough to determine the perfect door size. However, other factors, such as the shape or decoration of your living space come into play as well.

For example, if your house is small and you have limited space, a large door might not be suitable. At that point, you can either go with a standard door sizes or smaller options. Besides, if you need a more compact solution, sliding door solutions might be perfect for rooms with little space. As sliding doors open and close in a sliding motion, they tend to occupy less space than swinging doors.

Another factor that might help you determine the ideal door size is the door model and design. Since different home door models have varying designs, each design might have different proportions. For example, while sliding doors usually provide a more breathable atmosphere and offer seamless transition, European doors usually have a bulkier look. So, you can use sliding doors in most rooms and areas, whereas European doors – and also European window options – are usually better in more spacious areas.

We can also consider foot traffic a critical factor when determining the ideal door size for your living space. If you are planning to install the door into a common-use area, you might look for larger door sizes. Nevertheless, smaller door sizes might be alright for bedrooms, bathrooms, or studies. Of course, at this point, it is also pretty much about the personal preferences of the homeowner and the person that uses the room. In the end, the door size is also closely related to the privacy, as smaller and glassless door models 2024 are mostly preferred in personal areas.

If you are looking for the perfect large or standard sized door for your home, you are at the right place! At İlke, we always provide our customers with the highest quality door solutions. Thanks to our extensive collection of ready-made door options, you can equip your living space with a touch of personality and quality. With our affordable door prices 2024 and aesthetically pleasing door models, you can find the ideal entrance to your home or room. Check our catalog now to pick the right door for your space.

Cheapest Door Prices Without Compromising Quality

Some might think that affordability means low quality. Nevertheless, you can easily find cheapest door prices without sacrificing quality. Budget-friendly interior or exterior door models usually boast decent quality materials while being an affordable alternative to expensive ones. Of course, finding a quality and cheap door requires you to do some research to find the best brand that provides advantageous options. Thankfully, you are at the right place! Because at İlke, we aim to provide all our customers with affordable and quality door solutions.

Since we understand that offering affordable home door prices is essential to cater to the needs of customers with varying budgets, our door catalog includes different home door prices. You can check our extensive collection of door models to find the most preferred door models at reasonable rates and equip your home with the best doors.

If you want to learn more about our door models and prices, you can contact us now!