Modern Window Models and Prices for Your Home

Looking for the right window for your home? İlke's extensive collection of window systems is the way to go! Check our products to find the right option for your home, business, or venue!

Window Types for the Best Choices for Every Home Style

Since each house has a different requirement, finding the best types of windows for your home is the key. At İlke, we have a large selection of windows, allowing you to pick the ideal solution for your living space.

Typically known as traditional windows, a European window is a classical approach to the modern window scene. These windows are popular for their versatility and functionality. Since they have a unique window hinge system, you can tilt these windows inwards to activate their ventilation feature, while swinging them open allows for easier cleaning. They also usually have a window sill that adds your home extra functionality. Of course, a window sill is not just about functionality; a window sill also adds your home elegance and appeal.

One of the most popular types of windows provided by İlke is sliding windows. These window systems move in a sliding motion to open or close. Thanks to their elegant design and aesthetic appeal, these windows are usually preferred in living spaces, such as houses, apartments, etc. Nevertheless, you can easily integrate a sliding window system into your business as well.
Another window type we offer is bifolding windows, which consist of a series of glass panels that fold into each other to open. These windows are commonly known as folding or accordion windows due to their unique working mechanism. You can equip your living space with a folding window to enhance its functionality and practicality.

Window Prices for 2024

Understanding the key factors that affect window prices for 2024 is critical. If you know what causes an inflation or deflation of window prices, you can make a more educated choice.

Here are the main factors that play a role in determining 2024 window prices:

  • Material: The type and quality of material used for the window frame significantly impact the cost. Plus, the glass type used in the window is also a vital element. In the end, different materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, composite, and uPVC, have distinct prices.
  • Size and Style: Another significant factor is window size. Since material use and labor factors are closely related to a window's design, larger windows or those with special shapes tend to cost more. Window frame size also affects window prices 2024.
  • Energy Efficiency: Since windows with better energy efficiency, such as those with multiple panes, low emissivity coatings, or gas fills, usually use more quality material, they may have a higher upfront cost. However, as these windows can lead to long-term savings on energy bills, they are always more advantageous than cheaper alternatives.
  • Installation Costs: Receiving professional installation service also adds to the overall price of your window. Especially complex installations, such as those requiring extensive preparation or custom fitting, may incur higher labor costs. Besides, windows with larger sizes or custom designs might also have inflated installation costs.
  • Brand and Quality: It is a fact that well-known brands and higher-quality materials often come with a higher price tag. However, these products may also offer better durability, performance, and warranties. So, you should not pick a window solely because it is affordable.
  • Location and Market Demand: A prominent factor that influences window prices is regional factors, such as local building codes, climate conditions, and market demand. These factors can affect prices as they might create complexities, which makes addressing them expensive. For example, areas with harsh weather conditions may require more durable and energy-efficient windows, which could be pricier due to the use of more enduring material.
  • Additional Features: If you want full customization, then get ready for an increase in window price. Optional features, such as better security features, additional insulation properties, smart glass technologies, a quality window vent, or even color change, might affect the overall cost of your window.

Now, you know what makes your home window models prices go up. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer that understands what you need and aims to provide your home with the best, look no further than İlke!

With our extensive collection of modern window systems, we equip your home with perfection at affordable rates! Since we understand the importance of choosing the right window for your home, we keep our window systems prices at a reasonable level to suit every budget! Check our collection of windows to pick the right window for your home or business.

Standard Window Sizes! A Guide for Home Building and Renovation Projects

Picking the ideal window size for your home building and renovation project is a must. Here is a brief guide to standard window sizes for different window types:

  • European Windows: European standard window size commonly ranges from 24 to 48 inches (61 cm to 122 cm). Similar to other traditional window systems, European windows usually have a height ranging from 36 to 72 inches (91 cm to 183 cm).
  • Sliding Windows: Among the most popular window solutions, sliding windows usually have a width of 36-84 inches (91-213 cm). The common heights for these windows are 24, 36, 48, and 60 inches (61, 91, 122, 152 cm).
  • Bifolding Windows: Since folding windows are usually larger than other types of windows, their window dimensions also differ significantly. These windows mostly have a width ranging from 72 inches to 168 inches (183 cm to 427 cm), while their window height ranges from 24 inches to 96 inches (61 cm to 244 cm).