Balcony Handrail

Discover Our Range of Balcony Handrail Models

İlke’s extensive collection of architectural pieces includes a wide variety of products, from handrails to PVC sliding door solutions. Nevertheless, when it comes to architectural elements, one of the most common questions asked is “What is a balcony handrail?” Balcony handrails are handrail models that are specially designed for balconies and similar platforms in your home, apartment, or property. The main purpose of these handrails is to provide your balcony with better security and elegance. Thanks to their stylish look, these handrails also equip your home with a contemporary aesthetic. Keep reading to learn more about our diverse range of balcony handrail models.

Balcony Handrail Price per Meter! Competitive Pricing

At İlke, we understand the importance of offering our customers competitive prices for balcony handrails. As these pieces are among the most popular choices for giving balconies a secure and sleek look, they are usually preferred in almost all architectural projects. So, we try to offer advantageous prices to reach out to a wider customer base and provide our clients with the best balcony handrail prices in the market.

Of course, having the best prices does not mean we can provide a certain pricing for all balcony handrail options. Since there is a wide variety of products, each balcony handrail model has its own pricing. Nevertheless, there are a few factors that determine handrail prices. So, understanding these factors might help you choose the ideal balcony handrail carefully. 

Here are these factors that determine balcony handrail prices:

  • Height: The balcony handrail height and size are the main factors that determine balcony handrail prices. Therefore, you can get varying prices for different balcony handrail models. The reason behind the inflated prices of higher balcony handrail models is the additional material used in their manufacture.
  • Design: The design and overall look of handrail models play a significant role in determining balcony handrail price per meter. Usually, balcony handrail models with sophisticated designs have higher prices than plain designs. Although color or small cosmetic nuances often do not cause a significant difference in pricing, big changes might critically inflate balcony handrail prices.
  • Personalization: Any additional features or notable customizations will directly affect the prices of balcony handrail designs. So, when customizing your handrail, make sure that you are within your budget and do not exceed it. This way, you can avoid an unexpected increase in balcony handrail prices and purchase a handrail without breaking the bank.
  • Installation: Another significant factor that plays a role in determining balcony handrail prices is the installation process. Although installing regular balcony handrail models is not quite expensive, the sophistication of the design is directly related to the installation costs. So, if you choose a balcony handrail with intricate details, you might need to pay more for installation.
  • Quality: The quality of the handrail is another factor that significantly alters the price. Although quality always comes first, exceeding your budget might not be a favorable idea. You can find a manufacturer that provides quality balcony handrails at affordable rates - like İlke. As we understand the importance of bringing the best quality at reasonable prices.

As you can see, at İlke, we always aim to offer our customers the most affordable balcony handrail solutions. Thanks to our reasonable price policy, you can get our products at the best prices and enhance your living space without breaking the bank. If you want to pick the perfect balcony handrail option for your living space, you can check our extensive collection of handrails to find the best product. Besides, you can contact us now to learn more about our pricing and enjoy affordable rates for the highest-quality balcony handrails.

Balcony Handrail Models: Stylish Designs for Your Space

If you are looking to add a stylish touch to your living space, balcony handrail models might be the ideal fit. Although most people think that handrails do not make a significant difference, they actually do – especially balcony handrails. All details and elements a house has make a difference in the house’s overall appearance. So, handrails, and especially balcony handrails, play a role as a part of the overall theme of your living space. That is why picking a balcony handrail with a similar design to your home’s features might help you create a more harmonious look and achieve the ideal design.

At this point, we aim to provide you with the most stylish balcony handrail models and designs for your space. With our contemporary and sleek handrail options, you can add a modern flair to any home. Of course, our handrail designs are not limited to modern applications. You can also find handrails with more classical designs that suit almost all contemporary living spaces.

If you cannot find the ideal design for your home, you need not worry! At İlke, we offer our customers full-customization option, letting them configure the overall design of their balcony handrails. As our client, you can change various aspects of your balcony handrails, from their colors to overall designs. If you wish, you can add extra features and details to your balcony handrail to make it suit your living space better. Through tailoring our products for your home, you can achieve the perfect harmony within your property.

You can check our extensive collection of balcony handrails now to pick the ideal option for your living space or home. 

Understanding Balcony Handrail Height: Safety Considerations

Despite their aesthetic appearance, the main purpose of balcony handrail options is enhancing the security of your living space. You can use balcony handrails to secure yourself and your loved ones from unexpected accidents.

Of course, most people wonder what the ideal height of balcony handrails should be. You can think of the persons living in your home to determine the right height. If you have children inside the home, you can pick higher balcony handrails to prevent them from having an accident while playing around. You should also stick to higher handrails if your balcony is high.