ADO 800 Composite Door

General Features

Sash : It is obtained by using 2mm pvc sheet covered with 0.2 mm Adofilm pvc foil on the wooden spar.

Frame and cornice : Made of wood composite (CRP) material and covered by Adofilm PVC foil with a high PU (Polyurethane) E1 quality glue. The cornices have an adjustable feature to be attached to the frame on both sides.


Colour Options
renkler.Teak renkler.Teak
renkler.Akça renkler.Akça
renkler.Beyaz Teak renkler.Beyaz Teak
renkler.Koyu Ceviz renkler.Koyu Ceviz
renkler.Ceviz renkler.Ceviz

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