REFD77 Folding Door System is the system developed by ASAŞ to meet the design, performance, performance and security needs to the maximum level.

It provides versatility in the realization of all solutions with its wide range of accessories. It offers elegant design, comfort and performance in the same system with standard, recessed or low threshold options.

Thanks to the bearing system that transfers the double load to the frame on the bottom rail, 7 consecutive blades can be made with a maximum load of up to 120 kg per blade, which can reach a height of 3.50 m.

REFD77 is a complete series with folding system accessories that can meet all needs. It offers increased thermal insulation solutions for maximum comfort and performance.

REFD77 Folding Door System keeps safety in the foreground by providing locking on each wing with the advantage of its accessory structure.


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